Meridian Police just apprehended and arrested 55-year-old Darrell Demotte for a brutal crime against his 75-year-old neighbor who has dementia and his crime was all caught on video.

The crime occurred in the 900 block of East Carlton Street in Meridian.  The victim's nephew had suspicions that something wasn't right so he set up video cameras which caught 55-year-old Darrell Demotte asking the victim to come help with his elderly mother.  Once the victim was out of her house he would enter, turn on the gas from the stove to help enhance the dementia the 75-year-old woman already suffered from and then proceeded to rob her.

The video shows Demotte going through the victim's purse stealing her debit card which a 2-month investigation proved he used to withdraw and steal money.

According to KIVI TV, Demotte will appear in court on Friday.

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