There's a new scam you need to be aware of. You think it's the Meridian Police. It totally sounds legit, but it's most likely a scam and it could rob you of a lot of money. 

Here's how the scam plays out. You get a call from a 208 area code number. On the call, they tell you that if you don't pay overdue fines you'll be arrested.

So what do people do? They pull out that debit card or credit card, give it to the scammer, unbeknownst to them, and lose their money!

This is a tough one. According to KTVB, the call sounds very convincing.

Meridian police want the public to know that they would never ask you to hand over money in that manner and neither would any legitimate business.

This always makes me nervous for people like the elderly who could be more easily manipulated. Bottom line, do not ever hand over your credit or debit card information over the phone unless you are calling a legitimate business to make a payment.