Wowza that is a lot of illegal drugs. Let me help break down how this all came about. After reading the official police press release and takes from a couple of news outlets here is what it seems like happened. . . The Meridian Police department got a call with someone reporting vandalism. The call was reported in Meridian on Cranmer Drive.  It seemed pretty routine until the police got a whiff of the overwhelming smell of marijuana. That overwhelming smell was able to grant the officers access into the home to be searched. The search proved to be way more than the officers bargained for. The weed sure, there was over 40 joints found but holy cow, over 3,200 Xanex pills, 2,240 doses of LSD, and a half-ounce of cocaine. There was a gun and a few thousand dollars found as well.

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The owners of the drugs? Allegedly, two 17 year old's. That is who was at the home during the time of the arrest. This is still an ongoing investigation to see others that may have been involved. The two Meridian teens have already been charged with four felony counts of possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver, ( I thought it was intent to sell? Is this a step up - Sorry coming from someone who has never really been in trouble before) one misdemeanor count of possession of a weapon by a minor, and one count of misdemeanor drug paraphernalia.


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