Why in the world would someone steal a dog!? Especially one that belongs to your roommate? Well, not too sure if there's some bad blood, but that's what happened with one pup living in Meridian. According to The Idaho Statesman, Johnathan Murphy, 20, allegedly took his roommate's dog, Kona, from her home then dumped the dog in a neighborhood in Boise. Luckily someone realized what was happening and took photos of the incident near Orchard and Targee streets in Boise.

The witness called animal control, and they were able to return Kona to her human, Meridian resident, Sarah Kriste. According to the article, the pet-thief isn't getting off easy, "Meridian Police Department cited Murphy on suspicion of petit theft and permitted animals to go without care, both misdemeanors. Each misdemeanor carries a penalty of up to one year in jail and a $1,000 fine." Not cool, man!


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