Fans of The Walking DeadGuardians of the Galaxy, and Days Of Thunder to name of few, will love the guest that stopped by The Bobby Bones Show today, actor Michael Rooker.

Rooker has played many characters during his career, but he's most famously known from fans for the films and TV show mentioned above. Though Rooker didn't start acting until his mid 20s. He shared that in his 20s, he went to a famous school of drama and got all of his training there. After school, he did theater for 5 years and then moved onto TV and then to film.

There's more movies fans will get to see Rooker in. Today (October 16), Rooker is in the Love & Monsters movie that dropped digitally today. The movie is based on an apocalyptic event where a giant asteroid comes to earth, but people blow it up. Then the survivors are left dealing with the repercussions and that includes big monsters. Rooker will also be in Fast & Furious 9 that drops next year. He couldn't share much with the show, but on this one being in space, Rooker did imply something. He said "I do my best work with my feet on the ground as an earthbound human." Suggesting that there is some space things happening in the film, but his character is still on Earth.

When Rooker is not acting on screen, he's busy studying karate and other fighting techniques.

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