2020 has been a year for many things. Since it's an election year, you're hard pressed to get on any social network or watch anything on television without being told to get out and exercise your right to vote.

Mike D was one of those people that decided this year was finally the year he was going to vote. He shared on his Instagram page a photo of him with his "I Voted!" sticker and a story in the caption. This year was the first time Mike D voted. He wrote,

"I've never voted before. Call it apathy, call it what you will — but today that changed. I think of my dad who came to this country from Mexico and worked his butt off to become an American citizen. I think of how proud he was the first time he was able to vote...and for some reason or another I just never did. It felt good today and just a reminder it’s never too late to be a first time voter. Go vote."