Miranda Lambert's new bar on Broadway in Nashville opened, she just released her first remixed song, and she's about to hit the road. She stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to talk about all of her latest projects.

Lambert is the first female country artist to own a bar on Broadway in Nashville, Tennessee. The bar Miranda Lambert's Casa Rosa Nashville just opened in the last few weeks and it is already getting rave reviews. Not just because of the pink decorations and great food, but also because Lambert stops by often. Fans have been sharing videos on social media of Lambert at the bar. She told Bobby Bones that she goes to the bar randomly. Just recently she went because her parents were in town and she wanted to show them. They went for Sunday Funday and ended up staying at the bar for the entire day. Lambert is really proud of the place and loves the food and drinks. She noted that the team there has a place in the restaurant they've put together so Lambert can go and be part of things while also having some privacy and security.

"Settling Down" is Lambert's recent single and noted that it's the same writers on the song as her other song "Bluebird." The song idea just came to her, she had written "settling up or settling down" in her phone notes. So during her next writing session she came in and told her co-writers that she just got married, but at that point no one knew about the marriage. So they wrote the song to go along with her recent life event along with her lyric she wrote down. Lambert said it was all inspired by "doing something crazy" like just getting married. Newly released, Lambert dropped a remix of her song "Tequila Does." The remix marks her first ever remix and it all happened because she saw people dancing to that song in particular when they were out touring. Lambert suggested they do a remix of the song, and that's when Telemitry signed on to do it. Lambert had to cut a new version of the song for the remix, but she really loves it.

As all of the tours pick up again post-pandemic, Lambert is excited to spend the whole summer doing fairs and festivals. She felt lucky because they toured into March of 2020, finishing majority of her Wildcard Tour. Her husband will be likely on the road with her for majority of her new touring dates. She shared that he does like to sing and would love to come out and perform with her on stage, but she won't let him do it because he will never leave the stage if he gets out there. He loves to entertain people. The two of them have been keeping busy while off the road though, they're watching each other's favorite movies. Lambert gave him two of her favorite movies to watch one being Lonesome Dove, and he asked her to watch the Harry Potter series. Lambert has been bingeing the Harry Potter series for the first time, and admitted that she's been loving them.

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