Miranda Lambert may not be touring the country for her music, but she is staying busying cruising around in her airstream. She stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to talk about her airstream adventures, her passion for adopting animals, and the Make It Up As We Go Podcast.

The Make It Up As We Go Podcast features several big celebrity names including Bobby Bones and Lambert. When she was approached about the idea in the first place, Lambert confessed that she never heard of a scripted podcast, but thought it could be cool. She says so far it's turned out great and she recorded the song "Champion" from it. She also recorded her music video for "Settling Down" amid the pandemic. She shared that she's never done a music video with a romance in it, but she's glad her first casted hottie could be her husband. She joked that she didn't want to rob the world of that [her husband being shirtless] and thankfully he was a good sport about all of it despite it being his first time on camera.

Outside of her musical endeavors, Lambert and her husband have been driving around the country in their airstream. She confessed that there's something very freeing about having your house on a hitch. Before her tour starts back up, they're hoping to make some more airstream trips. When she was recently at the dealership talking about her airstream, she found out that they're running low on them and is glad she's "not the only airstream freak." And she couldn't leave the show without talking about her eight rescued animals. She told Bones that "adopt don't shop" is so real. She said there's so many amazing dogs that need homes in shelters and thankfully the pandemic has been helping with that. But there continues to be a problem with overbreeding, and dogs being homeless. She encouraged everyone to go to shelters because they're not scary places and they could end up going home with their perfect dog match.

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