It's every pet owners worst nightmare, you go into your backyard to check on them and they are gone. Luckily, five months later this pup was found 1,800 miles away from home. Here is his incredible story. 

Jake is family to North End resident Lisa Corbett. That's why when her Australian Shepard went missing from her Boise backyard she just couldn't give up.

According to KTVB, the drama unfolded last June when Lisa went out to her backyard to check on Jake and she discovered he was missing. She went door to door, put out flyers, invested in a website that told her they would put out an "alert" on her dog, nothing brought Jake home.

This Thanksgiving Lisa's prayers were answered. She received a call on Wednesday from the Grace Animal Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee saying they had her dog, Jake! Thankfully Jake was microchipped so they could make a positive identification.

How Jake got from Boise to Memphis remains a mystery, but Lisa flew to Tennessee and was reunited with her beloved dog today! He is healthy and of course ecstatic to see his owner.

Congratulations Lisa and Jake! Miracles do happen and we are so happy for you!

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