"No words" is the only thing I can think of for this mother, the family, and everyone that knew them.  A 5-month-old innocent little girl has been found dead after being mauled to death by the family dog.

It happened in Clayton County, Georgia.  The mother and father left the baby girl in the care of a roommate who had fallen asleep on the couch.  When the parents returned they found the horrific remains of what used to be their daughter.  Their dog was a German Shephard that had been around this girl ever since the day she was born and never showed any aggression towards her or anyone else in the family.

According to KTVB, 911 was immediately called and officers brought Animal Control in on this case immediately to help with the dog.  Animal Control removed the dog from the home and it has now been euthanized.

An investigation shows that there was no neglect and so no charges have been filed.  One can only imagine what these people are feeling or going through trying to pick up the pieces of their lives.  We're all praying for them.

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