Remember that tragic car fire in the Boise Walmart parking lot back in April that killed a 4-year-old Alliee Rose?  The details of exactly what happened have just been released and if you were upset about what you knew before, you'll be very upset with this new information.

KTVB reports that the mom, 31-year-old Jennifer A. Miller allegedly took drugs before the fire broke out in their car.  The fire was caused by a portable heater inside the car while Miller, her daughter, and her younger child were sleeping overnight at the Walmart.  The flames quickly engulfed the entire vehicle.  Miller and her toddler were able to escape but Alliee didn't make it.  She, unfortunately, died at the scene.  Miller and her toddler were transported to the hospital for treatment and that's pretty much the last we'd heard until now.

Rumors and theories of homelessness, accidents, a bad set of circumstance and more were talked about but now we're learning that authorities are moving forward with prosecuting her for being under the influence of drugs.  No word yet on what type of drugs or how much.  We'll keep you posted as this story develops.

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