More than 40 dogs boarded a plane in Texas today and they are making their way to Idaho in hopes of finding their forever homes.

If you've been thinking of getting a four-legged friend, this may be the perfect opportunity.

Through the San Antonio Pets Alive program, these dogs that would normally be euthanized are being flown here to hopefully get a second chance at life. Together with the Dog is My Co-Pilot program the animal rescue mission brings dogs from Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, and California and transports them to Idaho, Montana, Utah, Oregon, Washington, and Wyoming.

Part of the reason they are bringing the dogs here is that large adult dogs are in high demand here and are often adopted in a couple of weeks. The dogs flying in today though come in many different varieties, large, and small, varying breeds, but all needing a loving home.

According to the program has saved more than 40,000 dogs to date.

Check your local shelter to see if any of these adorable dogs have been brought in to the shelter today and bring one of them home!