Now that the Bobby Bones show is on 104.3 Wow Country, it’s time you get to know Amy, Bobby’s co-host.  Amy is the one that puts Bobby in his place when he needs it, she’s often the voice of reason and is the heart of the show.   

One of the things she is best known for is #PIMPINJOY, the movement she helped create when her mom was battling cancer.  The #PIMPINJOY movement has raised money for various cases but also keeps her mom Judy’s legacy alive. 

She and her husband adopted two kids from Haiti and since then has co-founded Espwa, a clothing and accessory line that supports organizations and initiatives in Haiti.   

You can hear her health and wellness podcast, “4 Things with Amy Brown” by clicking HERE and of course, hear her every weekday morning with Bobby Bones on 104.3 Wow Country! 


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