I grew up in Tucson Arizona, and my best friend Kate had horses. I would cut through my neighborhood and through the wash about a mile to her house almost every day after school so we could ride her horses. I loved it. We would race them in the wide open sandy washes or have long side by side trots where we would gossip and chat about boys as young teens do. When Kate and her family were out of town I would care for the horses. Now as an adult, I still really want a couple of horses someday. I love that here in the Treasure Valley, you can drive down a street and in the blink of an eye go from a neighborhood to a farm full or horses. One day, one day my friends I will have some horses of my own. In the meantime I like to see them and read about them.

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The Bureau of Land Management is releasing eleven wild horses near Glenns Ferry today. Saylor Creek Wild Horse Herd Management Area is about 15 miles south of Glenns Ferry. Overpopulation became a concern in the area and earlier this year, Jarbidge BLM field office captured 104 wild horses from that area. These 11 are from that original group and are going back. There are six studs and five mares going back. The mares have been treated with a fertility control vaccine to keep them from producing offspring. The other wild horses that are not being returned to the area will be placed up for adoption.


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