A recent TikTok trend had people online trying an unusual food pairing, watermelon and mustard.

One particular TikTok user went viral for eating watermelon drizzled with mustard and exclaiming to all of the users watching that it really tasted so good because of the sweet and tangy mixture. He told people that they shouldn't knock it before giving it a try. So The Bobby Bones Show members all got put on the spinning wheel and someone was going to have to try the interesting pairing.

Morgan2 was chosen by the spinning wheel and there were no options to get out of it. So she walked up to the stage and tried the biggest piece on the plate with mustard already put on it. After taking a huge bite, Morgan2 admitted that it actually tasted so good. The guy on TikTok was right, the sweet and tangy mix oddly matched really well together. Her raving review convinced Bobby, Eddie, and Amy all to try it despite the wheel not landing on them. Everyone agreed it was surprisingly tasty

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