Morgan2 is the Digital Director for the 
Bobby Bones Show where she oversees all of the digital platforms for the show. She is constantly on the Internet whether it is moderating comment sections or posting things on social media.

She shared on her personal social media accounts something that has been "weighing heavy on her heart" due to her interactions on social media. The post garnered several likes, comments, and shares on all of her postings. People were resonating with the post from their experiences with social media. Her post read,

"In my years of working in social media, this year has been the most hostile I've ever seen the platforms. In moderating comment sections, I watch strangers throw death threats out like candy and humans attacking other humans for the simple act of an innocent comment. I see hatred when opinions are shared, I see people throw shade at someone they've never met, I see innocent bystanders get cyber bullied. This has been weighing heavy on my heart and each day I struggle to maintain my own mental stability as I continue to manage platforms. I've seen social media do incredible things. I've watched people use the platforms to reunite families, find lost pets, share the cutest videos, and make us all see the joy in the world. Social media is a tool. We decide how that tool is used. I encourage you to use it for good. Remember that your words matter. Just because you delete something from the Internet doesn't mean the damage hasn't already been done. Just because someone seems invisible because they're on the other side of a screen, doesn't mean they are. Your digital footprint is another representation of who you are. Please use it for good. The golden rule still exists & I suggest we get better about using it on social media. Be kind to one another."

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