It is no secret that Idaho and potatoes go together. We have a Potato museum, giant traveling potato, a potato hotel and more. Potatoes have always been a big thing for Idaho and not just the eating kind.

Did you know that the long time favorite toy Mr. Potato Head was created right here in the gem state? The history behind (Mr.) Potato Head is laid out quite nicely from the Idaho Potato Museum. Here is a little recap:
'In the 1920s and 30s George Lerner as a child would take potatoes from his moms garden and using little cuts of fruits or other veggies he made facial features and would give it to his little sisters to play with.' Adorable. Fast forward to George as an adult and he wanted to try and sell the concept. His first attempt was in the late 1940s and it did not go well. 'Just a few years later he tired again in 1951, this time with a small school supply and toy business called Hassenfeld Brothers. Seeing the genius in the uniqueness of it the brothers were on board and bought the rights for $5,000.' They changed the name to Mr. Potato Head and the rest is history. You may have guessed by now that Hassenfeld Brothers, later shortened their name to Hasbro, one of the leading toy generators in the world.

That is not where the story of Mr. Potato Head ends at all in fact it has been one of the most popular toys for decades upon decades and in the 1980s the famous Mr. Potato Head even ran for mayor of Boise. In 1985 Mr. Potato Head earned four write-in votes during his run for mayor of Boise, Idaho. Ok so maybe he didnt almost make it, he had a ways to go but he still won a Guinness World Record for it.

The People Magazine archives detail Mr. Potato Head's campaign as being "full of 'down-to-earth promises' that included the weeding out of pessimism and the planting of optimism in Boise, which he affectionately called 'the land of my roots.' In an emotional plea for votes, he also mentioned making the world a better place for his newborn son, Chip."

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