The Mountain Home police officer's name is Kyle Holloway and he says he was just doing his job.  Holloway received a call about an elderly man stranded along a main road in town in a motorized wheelchair.  

The man had a good quarter of a mile left to go so Holloway got out and pushed him home.  Temperatures were about 102 degrees at the time and if you've ever seen a police officer's uniform, you know they're dark, thick, and cover just about every inch of the body.  Not really work out material for triple digit heat.


Here's Holloway's thoughts on what went down...

"I’m representing the Mountain Home Police Department, and if I can do that in a positive manner which I try to do every day then I've done my job.


Part of our job is to take people to jail, but that's not what we look forward to.  We look forward to making sure that everybody goes home and they’re safe, go to work and they’re safe. That's why we put on the badge."


Thumbs up to the Mountain Home Police Department.  Job well done!