There is a fish that is being caught around town and its hard to tell what it is. 


The fish is being caught in the Snake River. According to Jordan Rodriquez who is a contributor to the Idaho Statesman and actually caught one of the fish, it had large scales and was the color of a carp, but he says the eyes and mouth were "not quite right" for it to be a typical carp.


Jordan goes on to describe the fish as being about the size and shape of a large talapia, which can be found in the Snake River, but it obviously was not a talapia.


According to ManagerJoe Kozfkay of the Idaho Fish and Game Regional Fisheries, it is most likely a Prussian carp which is closely related to the gold fish your kiddo may have in the bowl at home!


It's unknown whether or not more of these "mystery fish" exist in our Idaho waters, but if you do catch anything that you are unsure of what it is or you think looks suspicious contact your regional Fish & Game Office.