In the midst of so much tragedy today. I didn't want these victims to go unnoticed. They are the people killed in that horrible intruder involved house fire in Meridian last week. Please keep their family and friends in your thoughts and prayers as well. 


Scott McCallister was battling liver cancer and was given two weeks to live. No one could ever imagine in a million years that it would be a horrible house fire set by an intruder that would take his life and not the cancer.


Scott initially survived the blaze, but was life-flighted to Salt Lake City where he passed away the next day.


Scott's wife Lilly was also inside the home but officers were able to help her out safely.


Scott's mother, Carmen Abbott, was also a victim in the blaze. She's the elderly woman who called 911 and told police that a man was pounding on the front door trying to get in.


According to KTVB, authorities are still working to identify the other two people killed in the blaze. One person is believed to be the shooter but we still have no motive for the horrible crime and those questions may never be answered.


A Go Fund Me account has been set up in the families name.

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