Over the weekend we reported about two people, a man and a woman who were found dead in a Nampa home.  The identity and at least some of what happened has now been released.  The two people were a married couple, 29-year-old Phillip J. Butler and 27-year-old Kaylynn M. Butler who had children but at this time we're not aware of how many.  We do know the children were not present when this tragedy occurred and according to the Nampa Police Department, they're safe.

The house is on Fairview Street near Lone Star Road and the bodies were found Saturday afternoon.  A concerned relative who hadn't seen them for a while went to check up on how they were doing.  The bodies were found and the police were called at 12:49 p.m.

KTVB reports that The Nampa Police Department released information stating the two had both been shot by a gun at close-range.  Investigators say it looks as if Phillip shot his wife first and then pulled the gun on himself killing the both of them.

At this time we can only pray for these kids and family members who are obviously left with questions and grief.  The 'WHAT' or 'WHY' is unknown at this time.  Any answers people think they may have are pure speculation.  We'll keep you posted as the facts come in.

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