I love love stories like this. A beautiful couple, soulmates, who obviously couldn't live without each other. Here is their story. 

It didn't start out like some scene from "The Notebook." Bob Huntley stood up his date Edna and went hunting instead.

Luckily, Edna forgave him, they fell in love, and according to ksl.com were married for 63 years.

Sadly at the turn of 2018 Edna was diagnosed with cancer and on the night of March 20th she passed away. An hour later 83 year old Bob passed away as well.

The couple lived in Nampa and their five kids agree that it just seemed right that one would go right after the other because they simply couldn't live without each other. They say the love they had for each other was inspirational to everyone who knew them.

This is a love that most of us can only dream of but I love this rare true love that Bob and Edna Huntley shared. I'm sure they are continuing that love in heaven.