It was no accident, and now police are on the lookout for the criminal with the guilty bladder.

Nampa Police say the crime (yes, urinating in public is a crime) was intentional, and even though the man was caught on a security camera, there are no leads as of yet. In the footage, a car pulls up to a Nampa home around 2:45am, a man exits the vehicle, then proceeds to walk up the home's driveway and urinate on a parked truck.

Suzanne Coffey, who lives at the home where the crime took place, says they're lucky in a way because the security cameras were just installed a week ago:

If you look at the video, the guy looks up, he can see the camera - does he quit? Take off fast? Nope. It's like he is proud of himself, so hopefully he isn't going to be so proud.

While this might all seem silly and innocent, a crime was committed. If you have any leads, contact Nampa Police.

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