A 58-year-old Nampa man is dead after an officer-involved shooting. Here's what went down late last night. 

According to idahonews.com police were called on a welfare check to the 100 block of Davis Avenue. The man was allegedly threatening to harm himself and police and he did have a deadly weapon.

So far we don't know exactly what went down that led to three police officers ultimately shooting and taking the life of this 58-year-old man.

His identity has not been released and the Canyon County Critical Incident Task Force is investigating.

I hate when incidents escalate to this level. I know our police officers first responsibility is to protect others and then themselves and I trust that they took the actions that they felt was necessary for this situation.

It is still heartbreaking to think that a man is dead. A man that most likely people are missing and mourning over this morning. I don't know what led to his anger and despair, but I always wish there was a way that someone could intervene, calm the person down, and avoid this outcome.

Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone involved and affected by this shooting.