Love seeing good things happen to good people.  For the next year this Nampa military family will NOT have to worry about buying groceries.


Eckrich Meat Company has teamed up with Operation Homefront to provide this for local military families now for years.  Joseph and Ashley Danes took their family shopping at the WinCo in Nampa today and learned they won't have to pay for food for a long time.


The Danes have four children who helped mom and dad pick out their favorite cereal, dinners, and of course, a little dessert.  The Danes said the burden of food for a family of six is big and so a year of not having to deal with that can really help their family.


Joseph Danes served in the Marine Corps right after 9/11 for five years.  He was injured in 2005 and continues to serve as a reservist.  We all have gratitude and thanks for his service and sacrifice.  I hope that he and his family enjoy this small gift as a token of our thanks.