How disturbing is this?! Remember the recent Amber Alert involving a 10-year-old girl from Nampa who was later found in Washington? Her Mom tells police that she was planning on injecting the little girl with bleach. 

There is obviously some serious mental health issues going on here.

The trouble started when 41-year-old Brooke A. Helmandollar pulled her daughter out of school on March 12th saying that they were going to stay at a hotel because their house was infested with parasites and insects.

After the mother/daughter duo went missing and an Amber Alert helped authorities find them in Cheney, Washington Helmandollar admitted to police that she was planning to inject herself and her daughter with bleach to rid themselves of parasites.

According to, Brooke Helmandollar has been charged with criminal mistreatment involving her daughter.

Police confirm they found bleach at the Nampa hotel Brooke and her daughter were staying at.

It's pretty tough to wrap my brain around this one. Hopefully, Brooke gets the mental health care that she needs and her 10-year-old daughter remains in safe hands.


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