A Nampa nonprofit organization is doing what they can to help villagers in Africa battle the deadly disease known as Ebola. According to the Idaho Statesman, Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) has an arsenal of pilots "who train in Idaho’s mountain and desert landscapes," that will then fly out to different villages and towns in African countries who are most susceptible to contracting the disease.

MAF, which originally was formed after WWII, moved their operations from northern California to Nampa in 2006. According to the Idaho Statesman, about half of the organization's 635 employees are based in Nampa. Those missionaries and their families head abroad for about 4-year terms, with the hopes of getting those life-saving vaccinations to remote areas of African countries.

Their efforts are definitely helping a lot of people who are at risk. According to the Statesman, the World Health Organization (WHO) reported that since August of last year, there have been 791 cases and 492 deaths related to Ebola.

While MAF works with WHO to deliver these vaccines to those in need, it's not the only organization they team up with. According to the Statesman, MAF has worked with Samaritan's purse and even governments throughout Africa.

The Nampa-based nonprofit is equipped with the resources to be able to send their staffers anywhere in the world within 24 hours! It's pretty awesome to know that these folks right here in Nampa are doing so much good around the world.

You can read more about the services that Missionary Aviation Fellowship provides CLICK HERE.

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