Landing in jail with a felony charge hanging over your head is place in life that no one hopes to end up in. It's even worse when it happens and you're a police officer.

39 year old Jarad Layne Webb is sitting in the Canyon County Jail on a $50,000 bond. He's facing a felony for obtaining a controlled substance by fraud or deception and a misdemeanor for filing a false police report according to

He remains on the Nampa police force on paid administrative leave pending the investigation. If he is found guilty he's facing up to four years in jail.

The Nampa police wants to make it clear that they hold their employees to a high standard of personal conduct and they do not tolerate conduct unbecoming to an officer or in violation of the Idaho Peace Officers Code of Ethics but before they take further action they need to see the results of the investigation.

It is unclear what drugs Webb allegedly had in his possession.