This story is simply heartbreaking. Just 22 years old and her life was taken during a horrible domestic violence situation in Nampa.

Kymberlee A. Larsen or "Kym" as most people knew her had a baby, just a few months old with 29 year old Evan C. Bashir. Who knows what was going on in their relationship, but today both of them are dead.

Evan stabbed Kym in an act of violence that led to her death and multiple 911 calls just after 8 a.m. on Tuesday morning.

Two other women were caught up in the violence but survived. They have been identified as 27 year old Chelsea Larsen and 57 year old Julianna Flowers and according to the Idaho Statesman they arrived at the hospital with very serious injuries. Friends of Kym's say those two women were her mother and sister.

An officer who arrived on scene shot and killed Evan Bashir as he was holding a weapon. He and another officer have been placed on paid administrative leave.