If you're like me and have totally been embracing the 'tidying up' craze, then you probably have a little (or big) pile of things that no longer spark joy in your garage just waiting to head to a thrift store! Well, good! How cool is it that those things you no longer use or need can go to a new home?! But...what about that stuff that is just in really bad shape and can't be used anymore? Well, it has to get disposed of properly, right? But where? Can you even haul it there? And how much will it cost you?

Well, luckily you won't have to worry about any of that, thanks to the City of Nampa. For one week in April, they'll be hauling away your 'extra trash' for FREE! All you have to do is make sure it's all out on your curb (in an organized fashion) on your normal trash pickup day.

According to a Facebook post, from April 22-26, Republic Services is doing you a solid for taking away all that stuff from your home. Here's what you can leave next to your trash bins:

  • Wood debris - cut and tied in 4' bundles weighing 60 lbs. or less
  • Large paper bags with yard waste
  • Small household items
  • Non-freon appliances
  • Miscellaneous household debris in trash cans or carts
  • Bulky household items (couches, chairs, etc.)
  • Carpet/vinyl - cut and tied in 4' bundles weighing 60 lbs. or less

***DON'T FORGET*** to call Republic Services (208) 345-1265 24 hours prior to your trash pickup to give them the heads up about any items you're putting out that won't fit in your trash bins.


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