Enjoy the sunshine we're getting right now because it IS NOT going to last.  Most forecasts for the Boise area say partly cloudy for today but I'm Mr. Positive.  Partly cloudy means partly sunny right?  That's how I see it and it feels good if you have a chance to step out of the office for a bit.  We should continue with this "partly sunny" weather through most of the week and then it's going to hit.

Clouds roll in on Friday that'll eventually change into a full-blown rainstorm on Saturday.  That rain should continue through the weekend and bit by bit temperatures will start dropping giving us a chance at some snow to kick off next week on Monday.  Now Monday's high is close to 40 so we'll probably have rain for the most part but don't get caught off guard when you head out to work Monday morning and there's white stuff all over the place.

Here's what our forecast looks like for the next week according to KTVB...

Credit: KTVB
Credit: KTVB

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