According to National Today, it is National Day of Unplugging, which basically means to put down your phone and go do other (preferably relaxing) things that help you alleviate stress and take it easy.

This is coming at the perfect time, huh? It's about time to take a break from the things that are stressing us out, and if you’re looking to truly unplug, I think Idaho might be one of the best places on Earth for that.

Keep scrolling for 3 of the best ways to truly unplug and relax in Idaho 👇

Here's a little more about the holiday. National Today says...

"We increasingly miss out on the valuable moments of our lives as we pass the hours with our faces buried in our iPhones, documenting our every move through social media and shielding ourselves from the outside world, where real connections happen."

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They go on to explain that National Day of Unplugging is actually a 24/hr commitment starting on March 3rd to "carve out precious time to unplug, relax, reflect, be active, visit the outdoors, and connect with loved ones."

Why do I think Idaho is a good place for that? Because of our never-ending options for activities, entertainment, and relaxation — both indoors and outdoors. Honestly, you really don’t need your phone here.

Some of the country's best parks, museums, scenery, restaurants, and outdoor activities are either right here or just a short drive away — like small towns with easy-to-access mountains, hills, rivers, valleys, and canyons etc.

Keep scrolling for the best ways to truly unplug and relax in Idaho 👇

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