A Kuna woman was cleaning out her parents shed in Meridian when she stumbled upon a bomb. 

Diana Landa says she originally wanted to keep the antique-looking object but she soon discovered it was highly explosive.


Diana noticed a Nazi insignia on the bottom of the strange object and the date 1938, so she thought she'd keep what she originally considered a historical object from WWII and took the bomb home to Kuna.


Warning signs started to surface when Diana brought up the object to one of her co-workers who is a history buff. He told Diana that it could be extremely dangerous and she needed to have it checked out.


It turned to be out a 1938 German Nazi Artillery Shell with the propellant still on.


The Mountain Home Air Force Base bomb squad said the bomb would have to be detonated.


According to the Idaho Statesman, Diana's parents have lived in the home for 25 years and had no idea the bomb was there.