If you thought that Downtown Boise was in need of some new art, the city agrees with you and they’ve selected Matthew Mazzota of New York to design it.  The park, which will be located at 11th and Idaho is privately owned, but will be managed by the City of Boise.  Mazzota was one of 45 applicants for the project and will be given $200,000 to put it together.  His concepts begin with what he calls an “outdoor living room” and then incorporates the community’s wants and desires.  In the past, he has put together an “Open House” for York, Alabama, which transforms into a performance space.  You can see video of it below. 

In Cambridge, Massachusetts, he created “ParkSpark,” a methane waste digestor that actually uses dog waste to power the lighting in the park.  Check out the video to see it in action!  

As you can see, Mazzota’s art is the definition of unique, interactive and should make a nice addition to Downtown Boise.  The new park will also feature a cooling “fog” feature as well as shade trees to coincide with it’s Oasis theme.  Find out more about the project HERE.