If you take State St on your commute, it's very likely you've experienced a little bit of frustration regarding traffic on the roads; particularly around the State and Veteran's Memorial Parkway intersection.

Well the Ada County Highway District heard you, and after months of construction, they're introducing a brand new intersection tonight (11/13) that could reduce wait times by 50 percent! According to KTVB, this new intersection is called a 'thru-turn" intersection. Here's how it works:

Drivers on State Street will no longer be able to make a left-hand turn onto Veterans Memorial Parkway, or a left-hand turn onto 36th Street. Instead, those drivers will continue through the intersection, make a U-turn at the next traffic signal, and then head back to the intersection to make a right turn onto Veterans Memorial Parkway or onto 36th Street.

Not only will this change reduce wait times, but it will also allow for two more driving lanes, additional pedestrian crossings, and improved bicycle lanes.

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