Since moving to Boise, I have scoured the city for the best burgers. I've gone to local spot after local spot. Among the very best that I've had so far is Bad Boy Burgers. I went to the location on Fairview, and as I pulled into the drive-through and saw the menu, I was overcome with joy to see a sourdough bacon burger. I ordered it, and it was just as good as I had hoped.

Today, as I was running errands, I came across another location. I knew that they had one on Vista, but this was on Federal. When I got home, I did some Googleing and found out that I drove by on their first day open in that location. The building used to be home to a Jack In The Box, but now it's home to my favorite sourdough burger in the Treasure Valley!

If this location is closer to you than the Vista or Fairview locations, make sure to support this new local spot, and get the sourdough bacon burger. You won't regret it!

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