You don't see motels (that's a "hotel" with room door access on the outside) much anymore, but we've got a new motel proposed to be built off of State Street in Boise.

The motel will be built on an empty lot that sits across from the 44 Club. The motel will be small, just 23 rooms sitting on a .6 acre site.

It's a two-story design with doors facing a parking lot with 26 parking spaces for those staying at the motel. The surrounding area is a mobile home court and Farmers Union Canal.

No word yet on a name, but according to it's a known brand and will be a more affordable option for those looking to visit the Treasure Valley.

July 8th, at 6 p.m. at Boise City Hall a public hearing will be held in front of Boise's Planning and Zoning Commission to determine if the proposed motel should be built.

What are your thoughts? Is this a good idea to bring into the Boise area? We do have limited hotel/motel options for the influx of people looking to visit. Of course, we've had a couple of new hotels built in recent years and there is always the Airbnb option, but this would provide something more affordable.

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