This has to be some sort of joke. I have been an NFL fan my entire life, I feel fortunate to have memories with my family huddled around the TV to watch my lackluster Seattle Seahawks in the 1990's. But when the news broke about the NFL honoring former Quarterback Michael Vick as a "legends captain" at the 2020 Pro Bowl this year, I have no idea why the National Football League would make a decision like this.

No one can take away from the fact that Michael Vick was a tremendous athlete and great leader when he was on the field. But the horrendous things he did off the field including organizing dog fighting is inexcusable. This man making millions of dollars thought it was okay to have dogs fight to the death for his own pleasure.

It's not a question of whether he did it, he pled guilty of state dog fighting charges and was sentenced to three years in prison (although he was released early).

Most NFL fans know that the Pro Bowl is a joke, it doesn't mean anything and viewership just continues to decline because it is "just for fun". But the fact that the NFL would highlight a person like that just infuriates me.

There is no chance I will ever watch the NFL Pro Bowl now and I like the fact that there is now a petition to not have him honored. We have all made mistakes and most have been given second chances. Which is why you see Mike Vick doing some commentary duties, but honoring him is something I will never watch.

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