Nine. Whole. Months. That's how long the Karcher Road Overpass will be out of commission. So, what in the world could be happening for it to close for that long? Well, in my opinion, it a project that's definitely worthwhile. According to the Idaho Transportation Department, the Karcher Road Overpass is going to be replaced in order to widen Interstate 84.

On the nights of March 15 and 16, ITD will close I-84 in order to remove the overpass that was built back in 1966. There will be additional I-84 closures throughout the construction process, and ITD is making it easy for you to be informed; you can text "84corridor" to the number 22828 for updates


Here are what you can expect of the new overpass in the Fall. Crews will install a brand new overpass with one lane in each direction, the overpass will also have sidewalk installed on the north side of the overpass.


As you can imagine this is very significant project that will create a big impact for traffic. But, don't worry, ITD has been planning for this for a long time and has a very detailed detour map to help you get around during the nine-month long project. Luckily, business access to area on both sides of the freeway will remain untouched.



This project that expected to last nearly a year is sure to cause some headaches throughout the process but the Idaho Transportation Department says these improvements "are expected to improve safety, address congestion and benefit the regional economy for many years."

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