The Idaho Air National Guard is working out plans to bring back the super popular Gowen Thunder air show. The last show brought in over 100,000 people in a weekend and they are expecting closer to 150,000 for 2021. Currently scheduled for August 28 and 29 .

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Visitors can expect to see the famed U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds, as well as the Brad Wursten Air Show, Franklin's Flying Circus, Mustang High Flight Aerobatics, and the all-woman skydiving team, Misty Blues. This is also a great way to show hope on the other side of this pandemic. It will eventually end and events like this will be back in full swing.

When I was doing radio in Anchorage Alaska I was the chosen media ride for The US Air Force Thunderbirds flight just over a decade ago. I can still feel what the G-suit was like as it squeezed against me to keep my blood pumping. We did ALL of the tricks, flips and crazy stunts that they do in the airshow and pulled the elusive 9-Gs - intense is all I have to say about that. Our original approved flight area was completely clouded in, I felt like I was stuck in a marshmallow because the cabin is so tiny. Due to that, the pilot got special clearance to do our ride in a restricted air space called Star Wars Canyon -seriously. We flew sideways between mountains, just like what you see in the races in Star Wars, and dove down seemingly skimming glaciers. My pilot said this was the best media ride of the decade and no civilians have ever gotten to ride in Star Wars Canyon. He even let me handle the controls for a min to get a feel for it. What a rush! I cant wait to see them perform at Gowen!!!

Here is a cut down of some audio from my flight. Crazy! and yes, while I didnt pass out, I did throw up a little...


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