(Boise, ID) - Update: At 1:15 pm today, Boise Police Chief Ron Winegar gave a media briefing regarding the incident near Timberline High School and White Pine Elementary. Police received reports from the family alleging that he was coming from Oregon to Idaho and was making threats. Winegar said that when police stopped the vehicle, the man jumped out of his car and pointed a firearm at officers.

A Boise Police Officer and an Ada County Sheriff's Deputy fired their weapon after the suspect "appeared to discharge" his. The suspect was struck and was able to run, but shortly after being chased, he was brought into custody and transported to a local hospital and will be released to authorities after being treated.

(original post) - At 11:06 this morning, the Boise Police Department tweeted, "Police activity near E. Boise and S. Apple St. An officer-involved shooting investigation is underway, and there is no ongoing threat to the public. Drivers are asked to avoid the area."  

 Parents received notification from White Pine Elementary School Principal, "this is to notify you that at approximately 10:45 am today, there was an officer-involved shooting at the intersection of Boise Avenue and Apple Street, as reported by the Boise Police Department. During this time, all students and staff were kept safe as school operations continued. Boise Police Department is asking for your cooperation in avoiding the area as they continue to investigate the incident. While the investigation is continuing, the scene is secure, and there is no ongoing threat. Traffic will be diverted around the area.


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