Old Dominion are nominated for Album of the Year and Vocal Group of the Year at the CMAs and are set to perform at the awards next Wednesday, November 11th on ABC. Ahead of their performance, they came by The Bobby Bones Show to perform some of their hits, plus talk about their career.

While talking with Bobby Bones, Old Dominion remembered their big fans from their time on the road. They shared that before the pandemic, they always had a group of fans that would come to all of their shows. They added that there were sometimes they wouldn't see these dedicated fans right away, and it'd throw them off. Then they'd see them and all would be right again during a show. One time, this group of dedicated fans came into one of their meet and greets at a show and tried to play a name game with them. They wanted all of the Old Dominion band members to remember all of their names, but they understandably couldn't remember them all.

Old Dominion loves to make their fans happy, so much so that they even agreed to help with a proposal during one of their VIP pre-shows. However, that was the last proposal they agreed to do because things went terribly wrong. When the guy proposed, the girl just never responded to him. They said it was really awkward.

The group has a growing list of successful songs in their career. Since there's 5 of them in the group, Bones asked them if they always agree on songs that they choose to record and put out. Matt Ramsey spoke for them sharing that they all do typically agree on the songs they record, but obviously sometimes there's some conversations that need to happen.

Watch Old Dominion perform their hits "Snapback," "Nowhere Fast," "Hotel Key," and "Never Be Sorry" below!

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