If you lost your job, don't have one or just need a better one, this is for you. There are great opportunities coming to Boise for high paying job seekers.

Shopko's old distribution center building near the Boise airport is getting a major overhaul. Shopko went bankrupt a couple of years ago and both Treasure Valley locations closed. Hobby Lobby is going into the Fairview and Milwaukee location and a new building materials factory from The Azek Company is going into the Gowen Road location.

It has been a big project for The Azek Company due to the type of business and changes they need to make to the 347,000 square foot building. According to Idaho Sportsman, to do the factory work they need more height so they have asked Boise's permission to raise the roof 35 feet, from 45 to 80.

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They also had to ask permission to install 66 foot tall silos outside the building. An additional permit was needed from the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality for the air quality changes during construction.

All of this leg work and construction will be well worth it. Azek is planning to open in 2022 and needs to hire at least 80 workers in the next year. They will continue to expand and grow and will continue to hire an additional 100 workers over the next few years.

Here is where the even better news comes in; the average annual wage will be over $50,000. This wage and amount of jobs insures that Azek gets Idaho tax incentives and it helps get higher paying jobs in the Boise area. Something we need.


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