Believe it or not, we're still feeling the repercussions of Snowpocalypse! If you remember the nightmare, we had record snowfall in the Treasure Valley that caused parts of the Boise River to rise to record levels. That rapid rise in water caused major damage to some areas of the Boise River.

According to Boise Weekly, the flooded areas of the river "washed away important erosion barriers." Now, two years later, some of those affected areas are finally getting a little facelift. Starting today (2/25), two sections of the Boise Greenbelt will be closing for several weeks so crews can tend to the damaged areas.

One of the areas that are getting some work done is the New Dry Creek diversion near Eagle Island; there a "side channel south of the diversion threatened the Greenbelt and nearby homes." The second is a section near Duck Alley; the rising river waters went over the bank and into a gravel pit.

How much will it cost? The New Dry Creek area will cost $156,800 and Duck Alley section will cost $307,100. According to Boise Weekly, the costs will be covered through the Idaho Resource Board and Flood District 10.

Why did it take so long? According to Boise Weekly, there were several factors behind the delays, including permit and fundraising delays.

Crews will be working hard to finish up the projects because of the recent snowfall that could "trigger preemptive dam water releases." The sections of the Greenbelt could be closed through Monday, March 13.


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