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It's one of the only bridges in the country that's legal to BASE jump off but that doesn't come without risks, danger, and even deaths.


One reason so many BASE jumpers flock to the Perrine Bridge in Twin Falls is because you do not need a permit to jump.  That means anyone who wants to give it a go, can give it a go.  It also means that inexperienced jumpers are biting off a little more than they can chew.


Last night a man took the plunge and ended up not making it to the bottom.  Nope... somehow he got hung up on a cliff with his parachute and was hanging on for dear life.  Kayakers below could hear him screaming for help and so they called 911.  Authorities blocked off the bridge from both directions and then spent a good four hours rescuing the man.


All rescuers and a rappel team proceeded with urgency but safely and fortunately nobody ended up hurt by the end of this ordeal.

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