Jon James McMurray is known as the 'Stunt Rapper'.  For years he's been making daredevil jumps, stunts, and rides while rapping.  Unfortunately, his last stunt went horribly wrong.

McMurray was rapping on the wing of a plane on Monday.  A stunt he spent countless hours preparing for just as he has done for all of his stunts.  According to, McMurray started venturing out further and further on the wing of the small Cessna plane until the plane started losing control and finally ended up in a downward spiral straight for the ground.

McMurray held on to the wing hoping he'd somehow be able to regain control and then eventually let go after coming to the conclusion that all hope was lost.  By the time McMurray let go, it was too late to pull his parachute resulting in an immediate impact which took his life.

Here's the official music video of McMurray's song 'Hello' which shows him jumping off the Twin Falls Bridge at the 2:43 mark...***WARNING*** - There is explicit language in this video.

McMurray lived life like no other.  Most of us can't even dream or comprehend these kinds of risks, adrenalin, and excitement.  He died doing what he loves.  I know that sounds cliche but McMurray knew what he was stepping into everytime he stepped into it.  I don't think he would've had it any other way.  Rest In Peace, my friend.  God bless!

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