Two weeks ago, Bobby surprised listeners of the Bobby Bones Show when he announced that he is now a husband, he and Caitlin got married at their Nashville home! Following the wedding, the entire show took a two-week vacation to go on respective trips across the country and the world.

The big wedding was an exciting evening that spurred into everyone taking off in different directions for the show's first ever two-week vacation. In the history of the show, they've never taken two weeks off for a vacation besides during the Christmas holiday. The move was a big one, but much needed after the pandemic and the epic celebration. Two of our show members celebrated honeymoons, some went to see family, one went to get a new family member, another road tripped to 8 states in the northeast, and others spent some time at Disney. Take a look at some headlines from everyone's vacations below!

Bobby and Caitlin got married at their Nashville home and then went off to Greece to celebrate their honeymoon!

Amy and her daughter traveled out to California to finally pick up their cat, as she calls "Catcation!"

Eddie took his family to Disney, where he says he spent all of his money while experiencing the magic!

Lunchbox went to Texas to see his family, then went to Las Vegas to celebrate his 40th birthday with his wife!

Morgan went on a road trip with her boyfriend and their dogs to the Northeast where they visited 8 states!

Raymundo spent some time back in Michigan with his family to watch his nephew play in his baseball tournament!

Mike D celebrated his honeymoon "in the desert" with his wife Kelsey, they traveled to a resort in Arizona for a few days.


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