Poison Hemlock is a dangerous noxious weed that is fatal to humans and livestock.  Livestock will die within hours after eating what is officially known as Conium maculatum which can grow up to eight feet tall, has a smooth, green stem with red or purple spots.  The leaves kind of resemble leaves from a carrot where they're finely divided and kind of lacey.  The flowers are small and white and the roots are a little fleshy and white.

Poison Hemp stinks so that's one alarm bell that should go off when you're close to this plant.  People say it smells like some kind of a mouse or parsnip.

Here's a quick message from the Idaho Weed Awareness Campaign...

This dangerous noxious weed presents an issue of public and animal safety. Poison Hemlock has been proven to be deadly to both animals and humans. It is so toxic that horses and cows literally can die within hours after eating this poisonous plant

Since this stuff is starting to pop up all over Idaho it's important to know how to get rid of it right?  I mean if it's growing in my neighborhood... I'm attacking this sucker quick.  According to KIVI TV, the best way to eradicate Poison Hemlock is to simply pull it up like you would any weed.  Make sure you get it by the roots so it doesn't grow back and definitely take some extra precautions when pulling.  Wear rubber gloves and wrap this up in some kind of plastic trash bag before throwing it away.  Also... wear long sleeves.  Make sure that no part of your skin touches the plant.  I mean it is poisonous.  And deadly.  Let's be careful okay.

If you come across this plant and are a bit afraid to get in there, contact your County Weed Control Department for more information and assistance.

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