It's the scene where a 16-year-old boy lost his life on September 25th, and now we find out that police had been called to the home nearly 30 times before the murder occurred. 

Roberto Angel Gomez had only been living in the home for a week when he was fatally shot multiple times at the intersection of Powell and 11th Avenues.

According to a suspect or suspects have not been named in the case and a motive has not been released.

The calls to police, which stem back to March, detail suspicious activity, alleged drug activity, and people coming and going frequently and waiting for minutes inside different vehicles.

On that fated day, September 25th, cops were called once again, this time because of a fight that happened a few hours prior to the deadly shooting. Police believe Roberto Gomez was involved in this earlier fight, but we don't know if the fight was directly related to the murder, or if all the same people were involved.

What's going on at this house? Was there something that could have prevented this young man from dying?

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