She was only 26-years-old.  She had a 2-year-old in the back seat and was pregnant with another child.  Jessie Otton lived in Twin Falls, Idaho and had no idea that Saturday would be her last day on this earth.  She had no idea that the baby she was carrying would never see the light of day.  Families, friends, and all who knew Jessie would never be the same and what was to come from this unborn child, we'll never know.

21-year-old Daniel Cruz Ortiz of Wendell, Idaho allegedly fell asleep at the wheel while driving drunk.  KTVB reports that the accident took place Saturday morning on Highway 46.  What, how, or any specific details of the accident, I don't know but there was a collision that ended up breaking both legs on that 2-year-old girl and tragically took the life of a young woman and her unborn baby.

Ortiz fled the scene after the accident which is always highly suspicious.  Especially an accident this serious where others are hurt so severely and knowing that there may even be fatalities.

Authorities are hitting Ortiz with four felony charges including two counts of vehicular manslaughter, felony drunken driving and leaving the scene of an accident.  If he's guilty, I hope he gets what he deserves.  I don't know exactly what that is and there is no justice for this family.  I can't begin to imagine their pain.  God bless them.  I'm thinking and praying for you.

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